STH (Formerly Comap South Africa) plumbing suppliers was established in the humble beginnings as a commodity supplier of plumbing fittings to the South African industry more than 28 years ago, and has, through commitment and tenacity, progressed into a dormant market player. Over the past 2 decades, STH has gained immense knowledge and experience in the industry, giving us the capacity and ability to give our customers thorough advice their day-to-day queries. We are a full-stockist subsidiary of the trusted international brand STH Group (https://www.group-sth.com/), we draw products and expertise from their extensive range of quality proved and tested products. 


You may remember the familiar adage “you get what you pay for.” While there is no reason to believe that the most costly option is necessarily the best one, or that you ought to always be wary of a bargain, the reality of the matter is that you must invest in good plumbing supplies in the event that you need the ultimate result of a do it yourself plumbing venture to be of high quality. At STH, we comprehend the importance of utilizing quality plumbing supplies and that is the reason you’ll find what you require at our outlets and showrooms! Being proud stockists of reputable plumbing equipment manufacturers, driven by developing quality products and solutions for customers, STH has invested extensively into research and development and quality plumbing supplies.

“Service excellence and cost effective product quality are a priority to us” says South African MD, Gareth Rohland. Ensuring quality assurance of our products is key to us in order to avoid comebacks and failures. We strive to provide long lasting solutions for all of your plumbing requirements and are committed to our customers and confident in our workmanship, which is why we offer a wide variety of product guarantees. We highly value the trust the public and the industry have placed in us, and respect that by conducting transparent business with manufacturers and clients, alike. We unequivocally have confidence in serving our customers with integrity and we are pleased to say this has earned us the opportunity of being a partner of choice for both retail and industry customers. We believe in establishing long-term relationships that are mutually beneficially, as we can anticipate your necessities and effectively achieve your desired home goals.

STH is dedicated to personal and professional service enhanced by fast, friendly and efficient personnel, providing value added quality products and services. Supply Partners to the Professionals.